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A Victim of Hurricane Katrina
At an airplane hangar in Santa Monica, we found ourselves surrounded by hundreds of rescues, all victims of Hurricane Katrina.
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A Black Rhino in Kenya
I met Shida during my first trip to Kenya. He arrived back to the Sheldrick stockades with a gash to his side and a prolapsed rectum.
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Having been in the veterinary field since age 13, and having a strong background in the physical and biological sciences, I met Ellie's claim to be able to "heal" with total disbelief.
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While a team of research rescuers from the Cetacean Society International were out tagging and checking seals for health one day on Kauai, they spotted a just-weaned Hawaiian monk seal, who appeared to have some sort of rubbish growing into his lip.
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I have seen such great atrocities inflicted upon these beautiful animals and the senseless crimes that have been committed against them.
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Ellie has done a couple of healing sessions for my husband and I, and especially for our puppy, Sailor. Sailor has had several episodes in which we are not sure of what caused them.
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One day, out of the blue, my dog Bentley suddenly lost his ability to use his back legs. I, of course, was devastated, and I immediately thought the worst.
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My daughter Roshni (12) had a large number of sea urchin stings in Mombasa returning from snorkeling and one of the stings had endedup becoming inflamed and septic. She was given strong antibiotics the night before we returned to Nairobi. We met Ellie at the hotel in Nairobi (we had one night there before our flight back to London).Roshni was struggling in the afternoon and by the evening meal (which we had with Ellie) she was in tremendous pain. Anyway Ellie was so kind and concerned - she had mentioned earlier in the conversation that she did healing so I asked her if there was anything she could do to help.

Well Ellie sat with Roshni for the healing - approx 20-30 minutes and it was incredible. By the end of it - Roshni said that the pain had vanished completely and even she could not quite believe it. We all thought it was a miracle. So thank you Ellie for your wonderful healing powers – we all really appreciated it!

Manda Lakhani – England

From my vast experience working with an array of wellness practitioners, I can say with true sincerity that Ellie DeSilva is a highly-gifted intuitive healer. I have had immediate shifts from her our work together, including a recent clearing of stubborn back pain the next day after our session. Her diverse range of skills is truly unique, combining an deep understanding of emotional-physiological interplay. She has saved me again & again! Plus she has one of those laughs that makes you want to laugh, and there is no better medicine than that! Highly recommend ::

Bonnie Burkert – Hollywood Hills, CA

My Session with Ellie was very relaxing and calming. Afterwards I found that several problems both physical and emotional had simply vanished leaving me feeling in a much better state overall. I can heartily endorse a session ....or several!! Thanks Ellie!

Lol Tolhurst – Los Angeles, CA
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