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February 2015
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PART I – Physical (lowest frequencies)
Working with the physical aspects of our being in relationship to animals.
  1. Cortices – the physical brain
  2. Grounding – being in the body and in physical form
  3. Feeding, nutrition and environment. How they affect our physical bodies, and how they affects the animals around us. How to know what certain animals need, and how they can let you know.
PART II – Mental/Emotional (mid-frequencies) Working with the mental and emotional aspects of our being and our relationship to animals.
  1. Meditation – the mental brain
  2. Protection – addressing the emotion of fear
  3. How to read their behaviors, and what certain looks and behaviors mean. How to read their responses to your sessions and what they mean.
PART III – Spiritual (highest frequencies) Working with the spiritual aspects of our being and our relationship to animals.
  1. Intuition – connecting to Spirit and your intuitive energy
  2. Healing – attunement for working with Spirit and healing energy
  3. How to clear their environment, energetically. How to communicate with them during the session. How to read what the sessions mean.
PART IV – Hands on healing with Animals
  1. Review Parts I, II and III.
  2. Put your new tools into practice, while working with the rescue animals at TBD.
Indigo Rhythms specializes in working with animal rescues, as well as people and their pets, bringing balance and healing energies to the entire family matrix.
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Indigo Rhythms hosts workshops and seminars to empower others to do the kind of healing work that we do, as we continue to seek out individuals whom we can mentor and align with to add to our team.
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At Indigo Rhythms, we educate the public about what we do, why we do it, how it works and the impact it has on the groups we work with.
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Our 6-day retreats focus on individuals who want to do deep healing work for themselves. We also offer group retreats for rescue organizations.
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