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As far back as I can remember, I have had a deep love for and connection to the animals on this Earth. It was through them that I began to realize how much I wanted to help others bring their body, mind and spirit back to wholeness.

I began working for my local veterinarian at the age of 17. But I was so disheartened, when I began to see how limiting their resources were. So I abandoned my desire to help in that way, while all along, knowing there had to be an alternative.

Through the course of many impactful events in my life, I became exposed to the Old World ways of healing...the more holistic approach to balancing and reconnecting all the parts of our energetic, emotional and spiritual beings. I began Indigo Rhythms, as my own healing path lead me back to the familiar world of animals and animal rescues.
I began to see such amazing results with the work that I was doing for animal rescues and family pets. I also saw how important it was to also do healing work with the owners, the keepers and the rescuers...working with the entire matrix resulted in even more effective healings.

I created Indigo Rhythms, in order to teach everything I’ve learned to as many people as possible. And to continue to do the work that I do on a much grander scale, to have an impact on the animals worldwide.

– Ellie DeSilva, CEO, President and Founder
Indigo Rhythms works with animals and people in their natural habitat, to facilitate the best possible outcome for the individual and everyone involved, based on universal energy laws that entail a holistic approach.
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